Talking to your patients

Patients often find it difficult to talk about constipation. Below are several resources that may help facilitate conversations with patients.

Patient Brochure
The Patient Brochure defines what constipation is and includes information about symptoms, causes, and tips to achieve relief.
Patient Action Plan
The Patient Action Plan includes tips for lifestyle and diet modifications as well as a medication plan to help patients consistently follow your recommended treatment regimen.
Patient Counseling Tool
The Patient Counseling Tool addresses the impact of constipation on quality of life as well as the sensitivity of the topic. This resource will support your conversations with patients about causes, symptoms, lifestyle changes, and treatment options.
Patient Point Poster
The Patient Point Poster is designed to help patients easily, and with minimal embarrassment, define their stool type; it also includes educational information about potential causes for constipation and tips for achieving symptom relief.
FAQs About Constipation
FAQs about Constipation will help facilitate the often difficult conversation about constipation with your patients.
FAQs About MiraLAX
FAQs about MiraLAX® help to explain how MiraLAX works, where to buy it, and how to properly take it to get effective results.