Questions your patients may have about MiraLAX®

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MiraLAX laxative is an over-the-counter medication for occasional constipation. It is the #1 doctor and gastroenterologist recommended laxative that's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects.

MiraLAX laxative gently attracts water into your colon, softening stool so it's easier to move through your system. This helps to produce a normal, easy, and complete bowel movement. MiraLAX provides more comfort and less straining without causing uncomfortable side effects. And there's no sudden urges, so you're in control.

The relief you get with MiraLAX laxative is a normal, easy and complete bowel movement. MiraLAX is less likely to cause gas, bloating, cramps or sudden urgency than some laxatives.

MiraLAX laxative is taken once a day. Use no more than 7 days. Use the bottle cap to measure one 17 g dose. Or you can buy a box of 10 or 20 packets of pre-measured doses. MiraLAX has no taste and no grit. It dissolves easily and completely in any 4 to 8 oz beverage, such as water, juice, coffee, or tea.

Taking more than the recommended 17 g dosage may result in diarrhea.

No. It is sold over the counter without a prescription.

MiraLAX is easy to find in the laxative aisle at national drugstore chains, supermarkets, mass merchandisers, and club stores.

MiraLAX laxative is Polyethylene Glycol 3350. Clinical studies have shown that it relieves constipation softens stool and is less likely to cause GI side effects that some laxatives do.

The #1 GI recommended laxative [2] Use as directed for occasional constipation.