Let your patients experience the MiraLAX ® difference

MiraLAX® attracts water in the colon to hydrate and soften stool and the body responds naturally for a normal bowel movement. It results in :

  • Both stool softening and laxative effects [3-11]
  • Complete, comfortable, and predictable relief [3-11]
  • Does not cause harsh side effects such as: gas, bloating, cramping or sudden urgency

MiraLAX® provides gentle, predictable relief for a broad range of patients:

  • Proven effective in women and men,17 and older [33]
  • Proven effective in patients including elderly [7]
  • Proven effective in patients taking constipating medications [12]
  • No known drug-drug interactions [5]
Polyethylene Glycol 3350, the active ingredient in MiraLAX ® , is one of only 2 laxatives with a Grade A recommendation from the American College of Gastroenterology [13]
The #1 GI recommended laxative [2] Use as directed for occasional constipation.